CES VI August 2018 Was A HUGE Success!

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700 eager students packed out a hotel ballroom and paid thousands to attend. For a short time, you get it all for a fraction of what attendees paid!

When I started making money online, there weren’t many people willing to share their strategies with me, to shortcut my journey to success. And I had to discover what works on my own, after much trial-and-error.
After working with thousands of students, we’ve confirmed time and again that the shortcut to success is to follow a proven successful system. And we want you to get access to these types of strategies today.
There’s a motto going around our community: “success is like CANDLE LIGHT, not CAKE.” This simply means that the more we share, the more we are able to experience success. In contrast to eating cake (which is very limited), your success does NOT mean there's less for me - it's just the opposite.
As we grow together and encourage each other forward using our proven strategies, we all experience more success.
What matters to you is that each success story reveals something what you can apply in your own business to help you get started or to improve your current business.
Because we believe that we lose nothing when we help others;
. . . Because we believe the world becomes brighter with each new success story;
. . . Because we want to see you succeed, we are ready to place into your hands these video recordings that cover creative strategies that anyone can use. Even one simple success tip can transform your business.

What Do Attendees Say?

the day I made my first sale . . . the day that something sold I knew that it would work. I could do what other people were saying they also did, but I didn't know if it'd work for me

- Heather B.

I didn't have the money to buy another over-priced course . . . I found PAC . . . and was able to quit my job 6 months later.

- Hector S.

CES helped us build our business to a sustainable model.

- Will K

This Won't Work For Me

You might be thinking: “well, yes, it might have worked for them. But I have no special skills. It can’t work for me.”
There is absolutely no inherent intelligence or special skills that our speakers possess. As they share during their presentations, they started where you started: with very limited resources and having no previous experience selling online.
But they found a trusted mentor and they followed their advice to get started.
Think of these people as your mentors to success.
And as the old saying goes, a mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight. Learn from their mistakes. Learn from their experiments. And achieve greater success quicker.
We know this market of making money online is where shady characters abound and people make all kinds of outrageous claims, so it’s difficult to identify the genuine individuals  . . .
who can truly help you build the type of business you want.

This is why we hand-pick each expert to ensure you learn creative strategies that have worked and have a track record of proven success.

Jeff Bezos says, “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.”
You will have to work in order to implement these strategies. We do not teach any get-rich-quick-schemes around here. And you will experience some failures. But we want to minimize the time and the money you will spend on your own “experiments,” so that you can experience success quicker.
In one of his presentations, Brett Bartlett, who started with only $400 and built his 8-figure online selling business using the ProvenAmazonCourse.com, shares his easy, cheap way for running online experiments that anyone can apply. To discover new product ideas. To discover new ways to make money.
You can minimize the time and the money you will spend on these experiments by following Brett’s simple system.
Or you can follow the tips the Leake brothers and Fireman Mike share to get paid for your current knowledge of selling online (you just have to hear Chris Leake’s story of how he got paid $250/hr to explain the buy-box to another business owner).

CES VI Sneek Peek

More Testimonials

“Can These Recordings Help Me?”

Here are some of the other things you will discover in these recordings (apply what you need):
  • How to spot opportunities like an eight-figure online seller
  • Danny Stock’s easy-to-use S.K.U framework to make Retail Arbitrage a success as well as his secret to eliminate the hustle of R.A.
  • Get tips on how to handle virtual assistants to grow your business
  • How to improve relationships with suppliers and make more money
  • Discover the benefits of using the Small & Light Programs to save on Amazon fees and improve your cash flow
  • Learn how to move from a mindset of scarcity to a mindset of abundance (where you make more than you need or want and can give abundantly after that)
  • Get access to the simple, yet powerful “Dream Equation of Life” developed by Dr. Needham, a business strategic advisor to small businesses and multi-billion dollar businesses alike; this equation will show you exactly what you need to make all your dreams come true . . . if you truly understand it
  • How to create your own flywheel of success and stop thinking linearly about your launch strategy
  • How to valuate and sell your FBA business
  • How to make data-driven decisions in your business
  • Learn how you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars from sharing your knowledge of Amazon with other business owners (the “C” in CES)
  • Discover the Magic Question you can ask local or online businesses to get consulting clients

The Videos Include Presentations On

The Best Opportunities are Coming

Pulling Levers to Drive
your Business

Silent Six Figure
Arbitragers and Their Secrets

Community of Commerce CoOp and Dynasty Model

Lessons in Leadership

Workshop: Sellers Who Live Outside the USA

Building An Audience

How To Be A Private
Label Superhero

Add the "C" To
Your Business

Why Building A Brand Is Important

Banish Business Burnout (before it's too late!)

What's Working Now

Running A Wholesale
Sourcing Business

How To Value and Sell
an FBA Business

Proven Business
Consulting Workshop

People LOVE The CES Conference!

What is CES All About?


Teach others what works online and help small businesses with their online marketing. You know more than you think!


Grow your audience and build a tribe to sell your own products and services or work with clients to build their community.


Sell stuff on Amazon, eBay, your website or other online platforms. Numerous success stories from our community begin right here.

  • We focus on multiple income streams. This isn't just about Amazon (although our Amazon selling content is second to none and was a topic of special emphasis at this event).
  • This event sells out quickly every year. That should tell you something.
  • We've been churning out success stories since 2002. You'll see what it feels like to be in a room full of long-time, successful, helpful fellow entrepreneurs.
  • This is not a "pitch fest." This is actionable content. There will be no hard sells.
  • Our anonymous post event surveys have consistently shown that 96% or more of those attending say they intend to return.
This conference featured multiple, creative strategies to grow or launch a business with a special emphasis placed on Amazon selling strategies – which is the most popular topic currently in our community.
We love bringing you pure content and education taught by real people who DO the businesses and love helping others learn what they know.

Get Instance Access To CES VI

Recordings For Only


Others have paid over $1,000 + hotel + travel + food to attend, but you get professionally recorded videos that you can watch at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of that cost.

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    Recorded Video Access: you will have access to all recorded sessions.
  • CES I-V videos: Free immediate access to our past five conferences

What Viewers Have Said About CES Events

So grateful for this live stream! Amazing opportunity for those of us that can't be there for whatever reason, cheers.
- Warren R.

That indeed was a great conference, glad I got to join remotely, thanks team!
- Rahul P.

Thank you to ALL who are part of presenting this workshop! The value I have gotten here is off the charts. My most heartfelt thanks!
- Christie H.

This was, without a doubt, the best money I have “invested in myself” since I started this journey a year ago! Thanks to EVERYONE involved! Amazing 3 days! I did live stream only but I’ll be there next year and I can’t wait! Just an amazing group of people and I’m looking so forward to being amongst you all!
- Cristy O.

Thanks to Jim and his Amazing team! Awesome 3 days. Thank you!!
- Kathy S.

I am really enjoying the Live Feed! I just can't win a door prize! Seriously, it's been great to just sit with my foot up and enjoy all of the information and presentations. Thanks again for getting me set up!
- Barbara S.

The price of the stream is worth a single video, and you are getting 2.5 days worth.  The content is gold! It is hard to explain unless you watch it.

- Michelle A.

Featured Topic

How We Are Building Engaged Communities and Selling Millions of Dollars of Products with Our "Proven Audience Formula"

The Power of PAF Is Amazing!

Some Of Our Presenters

Jim Cockrum

Brett Bartlett

Nathan Bailey

Andrea Cockrum

Trey Cockrum

Lisa Larson

Ryan Reger

Jenni Hunt

Glyn Kennedy

Scott Miller

Carolyn McFall

Leah Miller

Robert Castellanos

Kyle Milton

Billy Edward

"Fireman Mike" LeMoine

Chris Leake

Daniel Leake

... and Several More Of Our Key Leaders and Coaches!

What Attendees Have Said

Get Instance Access To CES VI

Recordings For Only


Others have paid over $1,000 + hotel + travel + food to attend, but you get professionally recorded videos that you can watch at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of that cost.

  • check-square-o
    Recorded Video Access: you will have access to all recorded sessions.
  • CES I-V videos: Free immediate access to our past five conferences

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